Emily and Charlie - Seattle

Linda is a Godsend. When I first rescued Charlie, he was a scared, traumatized dog having been rescued from a dog hoarder. I wanted to give him the best life possible and didn't want any kind of training to further break his spirit. I did a ton of research and found Linda and her amazing team. Everything she taught re positive training methods deeply resonated with me - it just makes sense! Friends now clamber to watch him while I'm out of town and I'm happy to report he is a happy, well-adjusted dog, easy to be with, and such a joy! I've highly recommended her to each of my friends who've gotten a new dog. Thank you, Linda and team!

Siobhan - Seattle

We took Linda's Kindergarten class this summer with our dog Luchta and Linda's amazing! Luchta is an impulsive teenage pup but she was so patient and firm with him and taught my daughters how to be sensitive to his subtle signals. Even though the classes were exhausting work he loved them and wanted to go right in as soon as we got out of the car. We're taking an agility class up in Lynnwood right now but will be back to UCLA for more classes in the new year. All the best, Siobhan

Kelly P - Seattle

We have really enjoyed the class. I've been in dogs for quite some time and gone through traditional and modern training classes and do have to say your classes have best applied positive training methods and how to use them and woven in behavioral concepts the best I've ever seen. I can see why you've received so many good recommendations on Yelp.

Miles - Seattle

Linda raises the bar on dog training by providing a professional and caring environment for classes. It's like a Dojo for dogs. Our girl Grace (14 weeks at the time) loved the structure and clearly enjoyed learning with the other pups. Also Linda herself was very understanding as to what we were going through as a family with a first pup. She and UCLA get our A++.

Kim - Seattle, WA

I've had exceptional experiences with UCLA. Last year I took a class with my 3-year old Lhasa Apso and learned so much. Every class had such value and I've had much success applying the lessons and insights. Recently, my pup started displaying what seemed to be some aggressive behavior with strangers and I was having a hard time figuring out how to correct it. I did a phone consultation with Linda and in just a short conversation, she was able to give me the tools and feedback I needed to understand why my dog was displaying the behavior and how I can work with him to correct it. She offered great insights on the experience my dog was having in these situations and how I can help to make scary situations more pleasant. It was exactly what I needed, and I was able to get it with just an easy phone call.

Darin & Aim - Seattle WA

We had a really awesome experience this summer with Adult dog primary school class at UCLA. Linda, our instructor, was very knowledgeable about positive-based training and about a rescued and mature dog (like our 8-year old rat terrier). Linda has equipped us with tons of useful insights in dog training which will allow us to continue to work with our dog outside of classes. Most importantly, our dog loves her! Thank you so much, Linda for helping Boo with his primary school.

Anita Kirk - Newport, Oregon

WOW, what a great experience I had. Every minute of this class was worth the money and time. I learned so much from Andrea and Linda that my head is spinning. This was absolutely the best class that I could have invested in. What I have learned from this class will be with me for the rest of my life. This course helped me help other dogs in my community by using positive reinforcement what else is better than that. A BIG THANK YOU to both of you.

Erica Nicolaus - Seattle, WA

My husband and I took our 7 month old, Great Dane, Lucy to UCLA for class and had a really great experience. Andrea is a wealth of knowledge, has terrific delivery, and is simply just a really nice person. Lucy is now 13 months old, and we just adopted another 7 month old, Great Dane, Marvin. Transitioning a new pup into the home can be very challenging and things can easily go awry quickly, jeopardizing the safety of the pups and anyone who is caught in the crossfire. I emailed Andrea to ask her advice on how to best transition them. She offered so much sound advice regarding strategies for resource sharing, limiting aggression, innate behaviors, and much more. Additionally her emails were incredibly timely, very thoughtful, intelligent, and very educating. We have seen remarkable improvements in just days. It is obvious she truly cares about all of us, and wanted to do her best in ensuring this adventure was successful, for all of us.

SueAnne Nelson, PCKC & SPDR Keeshond Breed Rescue Rep - Seattle

Wanted to let you know how successful I found this seminar. While most Keeshonden are not aggressive to people, they are excitable when going into any situation, be it greeting someone, attending class or just seeing another dog on a walk. Sometimes other dogs take this as aggression which the Keeshond will respond to. My Kees is a very excitable guy, so we have been working on refocusing his attention and he's coming along nicely at public walks. He begins rally classes next month so we'll see how that goes. Thanks again for bringing Kim Moeller to our area. SueAnne Nelson, PCKC & SPDR Keeshond Breed Rescue Rep

Lacey Kay Coleman - Seattle, WA

Linda and Andrea of UCLA are a one in a million team you won't find anywhere else! Their love and passion for dogs and their owners shines through in all of their classes. I have had the fortunate opportunity to intern at the studio and from day one they have supported and supplied me with a vast amount of information I couldn't find anywhere else. With a little push I decided to attend the dog walker academy they instruct and am happy to say I have found my calling in the dog industry. So thank you ladies for everything!

Melanie Robbins - Shoreline, WA

I attended the Dog Walker Academy instructed by Linda and Andrea and I must say, they are an amazing team. I still can't get over how they are such naturally good communicators. They are brilliant at what they do. They are clearly committed to providing the best information available to all of the students and i believe that they have helped me to start a new chapter in my life. I can't thank you enough for providing a program that gives me all the information and support that i need to provide a solid, professional service. Not only did I learn precious, valuable information but the way that they present is truly entertaining! I enjoyed every minute in class and have a profound respect for these wonderful people. Thank you so much!

Cassie Calvetti - Snoqualmie,WA

I recently attended the dog walking class at UCLA. I learned so much from Linda and Andrea. I came to the class not sure what to expect and I walked away with the knowledge and confidence to start my own dog walking business. Linda and Andrea kept the class fun but focused on all the important points.Would recommend the class to all who are interested in this dog business.

Dee - Seattle, WA

I love UCLA doggy daycare. I feel so lucky to have found them in my neighborhood. My puppy, Lucy, and I started going to UCLA for their small dog play groups....which then led to classes. And eventually daycare. Linda and Andrea are SO great with Lucy. They treat her with so much love...and it is obvious that Lucy adores them. And the daycare could not be more convenient. They pick Lucy up at my house and drop her off when daycare is over. And I know that my dog is in excellent hands when she is at daycare. I'm confident that she is safe and loved and gets lots of playtime and exercise. I would recommend UCLA to anyone and I often do...for classes and daycare. Lucy and I love our UCLA family!

Patty K - Seattle

UCLA provides the best dog daycare around town. They pick up and deliver your dog and you know your dog is in good hands because they always have a trained professional working with the dogs. <br><br> My dog, Alex, is so excited when he is picked up and when I’m at work I can relax knowing that my dog is in a safe and playful environment.I trust the owners, Andrea and Linda.They are smart and thoughtful and experienced with everything dogs: behaviors, training, and even tricks.I feel so lucky and privileged to have found such a great dog provider in my neighborhood.

Tara - Seattle, WA

UCLA quickly became a favorite Seattle hotspot for Dex and I. Linda, Stormi, and Andrea are phenomenal instructors and their knowledge of animal training is unsurpassed. They create an extremely supportive environment for learning- for people and pups alike! In each class we've taken, there has been a high degree of individualized attention and training.Linda is also a great source of information about canine health and well-being, often giving tips for cultivating the best relationship possible between you and your pup. Bottom line: These classes are the best money you can spend on your dog. The knowledge Dex and I have gained will be useful for years to come.We are heading back for more fun asap!

Chris D. - Seattle

The greatest thing about Linda and UCLA is that dog owners learn techniques that will help them help their dogs learn anything, not just what is taught in class. My wife and I took our new 4month old Goldendoodle to Puppy Preschool and Puppy Kindergarten. We learned so much about dog-dog and dog-human interactions that we have been able to apply those strategies to our ill mannered 6 year old standard Poodle. She is now walking on leash without dragging us down the street. I've been recommending UCLA to eveyone I know with a dog.

Cathy and Bella - Seattle

I am thrilled to have Andrea working with me and my puppy Bella! We are new to showing - completely new - and Andrea has offered a tremendous amount of insight and support to this subjectively friendly sport. She braved an 8:00 a.m. class at Bella's first show last month just to cheer us on!! She took the photo attached. I have seen such a positive difference with Bella's attitude and keen responsiveness to this training. I am so happy we have found UCLA this early in Bella's development and I see mad payoff in the future. I am completely looking forward to the Intro to Confirmation class & recommend UCLA without hesitation.

Stephanie B. - Seattle

UCLA is a remarkable place. The atmosphere is clean, inviting, and classy. After taking a class here, I would not take my puppy anywhere else. The trainer, Linda McVay, is phenomenal. Our puppy was very responsive to her positive and upbeat style, and she thought he was outstanding even when I was at the end of my patience with him. The best thing about UCLA is that in addition to showing you how to get the behaviors you want out of your dog, it gives you a brief "doggie psychology" background on why your dog does what it does. I highly recommend UCLA!

Sydney - Seattle

Dear UCLA, I really enjoyed watching Lola grow up and learn! Linda, you were really informative and helpful. She's learned so much over the course only a couple of months! Thanks a lot!

Class testamonial from comment cards. - Seattle

The Individual attention is great and the problem solving is awesome. Great class, we'll be back!

Barb - Seattle

Thank you so much for your guidance. We learned so much. Your classes were so informatave and we always felt so welcome. Truly, there isn't a thing I'd change!

Cathy - Seattle, WA

I first met Linda when she worked as a trainer elsewhere, and have followed her to her own studio. Linda is very sensitive to both dog's, as well as their owner's, needs in the puppy classes and primary classes that I have been attending with two of my four beagles for the past year. The other two will be attending classes soon. I was concerned about my dogs' manners and in safety issues which Linda has skillfully addressed. I have been with other trainers with my dogs, but after coming to Linda I will take them to no one else. She knows her stuff! If you want a dog trainer who is truly compassionate about the well being of your dog, I strongly suggest you bring them to UCLA Dogs.

Mary & Cruiser - Seattle, WA

I am new to the world of conformation. Andrea has made me feel like "I can" show my dog and we can win. She has a very gentle way of showing the dogs how to stand correctly. Her experience in the breed ring is something she is able to share so I will know what to expect. There are several other handlers in our class whose dogs are already winning in the ring. While she gives me the steps to get started, I am able to watch the more experienced handlers. Andrea is able to see just what each dog needs to gain confidence. She has different people pose as a judge so the dogs have experience with new people at our sessions. I highly recommend her and the class for anyone looking for conformation training.

Nicole B. - Seattle, WA

Linda and team are amazing. They live and breath dogs. They are up to the challenge of any situation and can start anyone off on the right foot with their pup. Not only do the dogs learn but I know I learned a tremendous amount about dog behavior. <br><br> I highly recommend that you take your pup here.Whether for puppy classes or a touch up to previous training.You will walk away totally satisfied.

Sarah F. - Seattle, WA

UCLA Dogs Friday night drop in class saved me- they are the best over there! Linda and her staff have an extreme love for animals, and their techniques reflect their desire to train in a positive way. <br><br> If you have any concerns or questions, I HIGHLY recommend their Friday drop in class. Its $25 for an hour of very personal, nearly 1:1 training, which will cost you a lot more anywhere else! Such a good deal for some priceless advice.The staff there knew exactly what I was going through and knew exactly what I needed to do to solve my issues.After a week of trying their methods I already see a massive improvement in my dogs behavior.I can't recommend this place enough!! Thank you UCLA Dogs!!

Katherine - Renton, WA

Linda and her team have an amazing way with dogs and their owners. I knew that training a beagle would be difficult, but the UCLA team made it easy and fun. Individual advice is provided for dealing with doggie behavioral issues.The facility is welcoming and clean.

Danielle Kohler - Seattle, WA

Linda McVay is an exceptional instructor and incredible human being. She is so generous with her students both human and canine. Linda was able to work with us to help incorporate our Giant Schnauzer, Gibson, into our lives. Even though I had always had dogs, I wasn’t able to anticipate how excitable and wily Gibson was going to be. The tools that Linda gave us showed us results faster then how we had been trying to “manage” him earlier. Gibson was so happy outsmarting us to get what he wanted, I was shocked to find out he was even happier being given instructions of positive things to do. She really cared about us and Gibson, and we have a lovely dog because of the skills we learned from her. <br>The Kohlers, Jason, Danielle, Gibson and Lucy

Mary - Seattle, WA

What Linda & UCLA have that no one else has, is a genuine and always apparent love and welcoming of *everyone* who comes to their classes- both dog, and human. I have taken classes at several other locations and from countless other trainers, and never felt as welcome with my "problem" dog as I do at UCLA. I always eagerly look forward to attending classes, and know that no matter what "bad" thing my dog does, I will never be embarrassed, ostracized, singled out, or ridiculed in anyway. They don't hassle you for not doing your homework, or for forgetting your treats or clicker, etc. I have never left a class feeling defeated, or confused. Linda constantly points out the good, while seamlessly helping you to improve. She is like your own personal cheerleader!

Shirley Stanley - seattle WA

I can't say enough good things about UCLA and the certified pet trainers. It makes a big difference in the training approach. He was unsure of new places and and would not take food from anyone. Now at new places he is wagging his tail takes food from almost anyone and does a wonderful casual heel on and off leash. I take both my dogs to the Friday night drop ins and they get so much out of it with Linda and Andrea. Both are so helpful and positive in their teaching approaches to me and my dogs. I always look forward to Friday nights.I look forward to starting the Rally and conformations classes this Jan/Feb 2009. Shirley, Lobo and Diego (Havanese)

Petra and Micki - Seattle,wa

UCLA is a place were Seattle dogs work a in great space with wonderful trainers! They even answer the phone and return emails which was HUGE to me!!! We had fun and learned that homework was "easy", lol.

Craig & Gina - Seattle, WA

<p>We have taken a beginning puppy class as well as Puppy Kindergarten from Linda and were extremely happy with both. We were fortunate enough to have Linda, Andrea, and Layla all helping us out in Puppy Kindergarten and appreciated their energetic, cheerful, and positive approach to dog training. Especially helpful was their willingness to be flexible in the training curriculum to work on issues specific to <i>our</i> dog. <p>Thanks to Linda and the UCLA staff, my personal views on dog training have completely changed.I used to believe that the dominance model and positive punishment were the only way to effectively train a dog; but I have since embraced the effective, humane techniques taught by UCLA and couldn’t be happier with the results. <p>Maggie is the first dog that we have owned, and with the techniques taught to us we are looking forward to many happy, rewarding years together.We have and will continue to recommend UCLA to as many dog owners as we possibly can.

Heidi & Brad - Millken, Co.

I have had the awesome privilege of knowing Linda my whole life. She has always been my "go to" on any issue involving my pets. Our Mini Doxie Mac recently hurt his back and lost the use of hind legs and his ability to urinate on his own. Putting him down was never an option for us as long as we knew he had a chance at adjusting to his disability and living a long and happy life. Linda was available by phone 24/7 to help us all through the adjustment period. She has a rare gift of supreme compassion and understanding for both the human and pet. My husband and I don't know what we would have done without her knowledge, guidance and support. Because of Macs condition the relationship between our two dogs drastically changed and we were at a loss on what to do. Linda was there with us every step of the way helping us understand what our dogs were going through and teaching us how to help them work it out and restore the balance. The people of Seattle are truly blessed to have her.

Kate G. - New York

Linda is the best! She worked with me and my dog Stella to overcome some behavioral issues. Stella came from a very sad situation where she was very shy and had been abused. Linda is great at helping you understand the causes of behavioral issues and how you can help your dog become a more relaxed, happy pooch. She helps you build the confidence that you need to be a good pet parent.

Sheila K. - Doswell

Andrea can always think of ways to get past a training plateau. The boys can pose for pictures without eating the props or getting into an argument. Jazz. Cody and Jagger can be a little stubborn at times but with Andrea's help, we can get past any problems.

Hera & Jason - Seattle, WA

Linda is an exceptional trainer who helps you to understand what your dog's needs are and how to achieve your goals in training your dog. She is very easy to talk to and very willing to help in any way. We have been clients for almost 2 years & we cannot thank Linda enough for all the help she has given us in training our two dogs, Nala & Titus. Both are young and full of energy. Linda has helped restore some of the sanity at home. Our dogs have moved on to more intermediate/advanced training and we are certainly excited to work more with Linda in the upcoming years. Of all the trainers in Seattle, Linda is #1 on our list and on Nala & Titus' too!

Bobbi F. - La Salle

I am thrilled with the homework assignments. I have never seen written instruction so easy to follow and it seems that it is directed at the exact behaviors I need to address. I was having so much fun implementing the instruction that at first I didn't realize how much fun the boys were having. I enjoy watching them tackle the work to eat puzzles and find that it is much more fun to "play ball" when I am not the one fetching the ball. I appreciate that it is all made easier by knowing where to purchase the items I need for training. Linda has a gift and I thank her for sharing with me and my guys.

What your neighbors have said about UCLA. - Seattle, WA

"One on one instruction, personalized. We got to work on what we needed/wanted to work on." <br><br>"Hands on with the trainers. They made examples clear for each handler, giving extra attention when we needed it."<br><br>"I was amazed by the amount of individual attention. Wonderful emotional support for the humans. Love you guys; we'll be back!!"

Brenda H. - Seattle, WA

We also took puppy classes from Linda. Our baby, Rambi, learned so much from Linda. We consider her the "Dog Goddess" because her knowledge, care, understanding & patience have helped Rambi be the best doggie ever! Although Rambi has only turned 5 months old, we get compliments all the time from strangers on her good manners, all of which is due to Linda! Linda shows sincere love to all the dogs she teaches, and the results are happy responses with wagging tails!

Chuck - Seattle, WA

We took [a beginning puppy class] and [an advanced puppy class] from Linda. Our girl Willow learned the basic skills quickly with Linda cheering us on. Yes! Linda does cheer, she is a warm understanding instructor who really loves her work. She develops a personal relationship with the dogs and the owner in her class. Willow just adores her.