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Postive Show Dogs seminar: Stepping Up Your Game Day One
Two seminars on the same day!

Show Stopping Stacks
Whether you are just starting to teach your dog to be hand stacked or you are looking to take your stacks to the next level, this workshop is for you! Vicki will discuss how to train both the hand stack and the free stack and will go over ways to increase duration and make your free stack extra showy!

Mastering Your Dog's Movement
This portion will focus on teaching your dog how to gait for the show ring, how to get the best movement from your dog, the different factors that affect gait and how to problem solve gait issues. Whether your are starting with a new puppy or problem solving an issue with your current show dog you will gain much from this workshop.
This will be taught by Vicki Ronchette, CDPT, CAP2, author of Positive Training for Show Dogs – Building a Relationship for Success and From Shy to Showy - Help for Your Shy Show Dog.
Course Schedule
<February 2018>
Time: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Enrollment: $65.00
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Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Linda McVay and Andrea Stone, proud Certified Dog Walkers
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