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Puppy Kindergarten
This is a 1 hour long 6 week course*. Puppies in this class are rapidly growing into adolescent dogs. Class focuses on good manners including loose leash walking and relaxed heel, emergency recall, sit- and down-stay and continued socialization, play skills and handling desensitization. This class also emphasizes teaching young dogs to control their own impulses.

Dogs in this class must have already attended UCLA's PreSchool or an equivalent first puppy class and must also be under 28 weeks of age. As always, vaccinations are required.

*Classes consisting of fewer than 3 students will be condensed to 3 private or semi-private sessions.

On rare occasion there are changes or typos in the schedule. Please be sure to read all pre-class emails thoroughly.
Course Schedule
<April 2018>
Instructor: Linda McVay, CCS CDW
Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Enrollment: $200.00
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Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Linda McVay and Andrea Stone, proud Certified Dog Walkers
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