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At University Canine Learning Academy, located in Seattle, we are committed to teaching people how to communicate with their dogs effectively in a manner that is enjoyable for everyone.

Our methods are based in the science of Animal Learning Theory, using two of the four quadrants: positive reinforcement and negative punishment. That means that we use motivational methods to reward dogs for doing those things we like, while removing the “pay off” for those behaviors we don’t want. The use of a clicker or marker word is employed in our classes to mark the desired behavior.

Though food rewards are used in class, we always encourage our students to use real life environmental rewards as well. It could be as simple as moving forward on a walk or as abstract as being allowed to play with other dogs.

Our commitment is the use of effective, humane training methods. Positive does not mean permissive. Dogs repeat behaviors that work and give up those that don’t. Science has shown that success improves learning in dogs and we use this to our clients’ advantage.

Instructors at UCLA Dogs participate in continuing education, including dogTEC’s Dog Walker’s Academy, Terry Ryan’s Poultry in Motion, Pet CPR and First Aid certification, Dr. Ian Dunbar’s Dog Aggression telecourse, Veronica Boutelle’s Dog Pro seminar and internationally renowned author Kat Albrecht’s Missing Pet Partnership Lost Dog Recovery lecture. University Canine Learning Academy was nominated for Evening Magazine’s Best of Western Washington and NBC’s Shine a Light program, and our instructors have authored award winning articles. It is our mission to stay abreast of current training science as well as sharing that knowledge with our clients.
Puppy Grad
Linda McVay, CCS CDW, dog*tec Dog Walker Academy Certification Instructor Seattle/Kirkland
Linda has always loved dogs and began seriously working with them in 1990. After graduating from the first Canine Studies Program and managing another training facility she decided to strike out on her own. She is a full member of the APDT . She continues to keep abreast of industry literature and attends seminars and lectures as her busy schedule allows. Now embarking on her own venture, she looks forward to continuing to help people effectively communicate with their dogs at Seattle’s own University Canine Learning Academy.

Her compassion for dogs and their owners is evident from the moment you enter her classroom. She brings both reason and joy to the sometimes daunting process of better understanding canine behavior and training.

Continuing Education: "CAAB Chat - Helping Pet Owners Follow Through With Behavior Intervention Plans", Clicker Expo 2015, "Deconstructing The Growl" seminar, presented by Dr. Sophia Yin & Sarah Kalnajs; Terry Ryan's, "Poultry in Motion"; Dr. Ian Dunbar's "Dog on Dog Aggression" telecourse; Dr. Ian Dunbar's "Science Based Training with Feeling" seminars; The "Dog and Baby Connection"; Grisha Stewart's "Puppy Socialization the Right Way"; Adolescent Dogs; Veronica Boutelle's "Dog Walker Academy"; Veronica Boutelle’s "Dog Pro" seminar; Retired police k-9 officer and internationally renowned author, Kat Albrecht, of Missing Pet Partnership, "Lost Dog Recovery" seminar.
Andrea Stone, CCS CDW, dog*tec Dog Walker Academy Certification Instructor Seattle/Kirkland
Working with and training dogs since 1993 has given Andrea a wealth of hands-on knowledge that she eagerly shares with dog owners. She finished the highly regarded Canine Studies Program taught by Cristine Dahl as valedictorian giving her a strong grounding in canine education in addition to her real world experience. This provides the tools to share her enthusiasm and talent in helping people with their dogs and creating life-long, harmonious partnerships.

Andrea brings to University Canine Learning Academy a commitment to share her knowledge and a strong desire to strengthen a healthy bond between people and dogs.

Andrea's Continuing Education includes: "Positive Training for Show Dogs" 2 day workshop with Vicki Ronchette; Kim Moeller's "Dog Aggression Workshop"; "Helping Fearful Dogs" seminar by Nicole Wilde; "Deconstructing The Growl" seminar, presented by Dr. Sophia Yin & Sarah Kalnajs; Dr. Ian Dunbar's "Science Based Training with Feeling" seminars; Veronica Boutelle's "Dog Walker Academy"; Veronica Boutelle’s "Dog Pro" seminar; five week aggression course as SSCS.

She is currently active in conformation showing, lure coursing, Rally and Agility.
Andrea and Regan
Laurie and Pickles
Laurie Hardman
I began teaching obedience classes in the 1970s for the Washington State Obedience Training Club. Throughout the 70s and 1980s I taught obedience classes at places such Lake City and Laurelhurst Community Centers.

I also began competing in obedience trials in the early 1980s. My miniature poodle “Jaws” finished his Novice Career with a 199 HIT.

When Mandy(my first PWD) turned one we became a Pet Partner team with the Delta Society (they are now called just Pet Partners). Shortly after that, I became an Instructor (my first course was taught to a 30+ group of visiting Japanese scholars), an Evaluator, a Visiting Scholar Guide, and a Site Assessor.

Our visit locations included Swedish Hospital Capitol Hill, Heritage House at the Market, and numerous other facilities where we also took our ‘touring’ show of therapy dogs, “Sirius Fun”. By now we’d obtained a 2nd PWD, ‘Rio”.

Mandy became the Delta Society 1998 Western US Therapy Animal of the Year.

In 2005 I left the Delta Society/Pet Partner organization to help found Project Canine. I was Director of Connecting Canines, the therapy dog program of Project Canine. In 2011 I created a program called “College Dogs”, a program taking teams of therapy dogs to, originally Lander Hall on the UW Campus. College Dogs now visits everywhere on UW Campus, off campus (Family Housing), and multiple college and university campuses throughout the Puget Sound region, including Seattle Pacific University, Northwestern, Cornish, Art Institute.

Also since 2002 I have been visiting weekly the Gero-Psych unit of NW Hospital. These visits are meant to soothe, as well as trigger memories and bring orientation to the present.

Laurie Hardman Creator/Director College Dogs www.collegedogs.org

Do Gato PWDs AKC Breeder of Merit www.siriushealing.com

Board Member www.ahelpproject.org
Jen Skiver Thompson, MS CDW
Jen grew up, like many of us, with a big love for animals. She had beloved dogs, cats and birds in her youth, and spent many years riding horses and participating in competitive Team Penning. She learned a lot about animals through those experiences, but began her formal education in animal behavior by studying the ethology of non-human primates in college. In her studies, she learned the principles of animal behavior while studying different species of primates in their natural habitats, in the zoo, and in the laboratory. This culminated in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and a Master of Science degree in Physiology and Biophysics, both from the University of Washington. Her studies led her a bit astray from working with animals day to day to a successful teaching position as an adjunct professor, teaching challenging scientific concepts to non-science majors. It took some time before she realized that her skills in teaching, and in working directly with animals, could be combined.

When a new puppy came into her life, she began taking classes at University Canine Learning Academy, where the skills taught are based directly on the principles of animal behavior. This opened a new door for Jen in her education, and she has been at the studio, both as a student with her dog Zula and as an intern learning and working side by side with Linda, since that first class. Jen is a graduate of Dog*Tec's Dog Walker's Academy, and is currently working toward fulfilling the stringent requirements of the Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist program of the Animal Behavior Society.

Jen truly enjoys helping clients have success with their dogs, and delights in the knowledge that the skills clients learn here foster an incredible relationship between them and their dogs.
Jen and Zula
Nadine Yeh
Originally from Berkeley, Ca., Nadine Yeah is currently a student at Seattle University. She is majoring in Finance and Management with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Nadine plans to use skills gained at University to begin a business, but her long term plan is to enter the field of Veterinary Medicine. Nadine has enjoyed working and being with dogs since childhood and imagines her professional life to be one of broad involvement with dogs. After attending classes at University Canine Learning Academy with her dog Dusty, Nadine realized she wants to continue learning about canine behavior in pursuit of techniques that will be helpful in guiding others who wish to better communicate with their animals.
Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Linda McVay and Andrea Stone, proud Certified Dog Walkers
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