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Chirag Patel based in Glasgow, Scotland offers a new way to work Drop.

Behavior Toolkit
Teaching new behaviors to learners in your care is not rocket science: It's behavior science!

Morgan jumps through hoops!
Morgan le Pug will jump through hoops for her papa, John. John and Morgan have been through many classes and are a fab team. Most recently Morgan is learning to be an Agility Pug! You are both fantastic!

Hand signals and your dog
Deaf dogs and hearing dogs alike can benefit from learning hand cues. It's easy to get started so give it a try!

The Hokey Pokey with Sherri and Koji
To learn more about what makes this duo so remarkable, click on the articles page.

Linda's interview with David.
David Baatar's quest to become a certified dog trainer started in Mongolia and ends right here in Seattle.

Alki and Margaret play Tug.
Tug is a wonderful game when played properly with the rules in place.

Watch as Margaret and Alki demonstrate this great game. Listen for each cue and look at the control that is possible when you use “Tug” as a training tool. Alki even has to wait until Margaret cues a jump with the word, Bounce!

Vanessa and Clark
Vanessa and Clark are an amazing team!

Zepar learns to Tap Dance!
See Andrea on her 3rd session teaching Zepar to tap his foot on cue.

Clicker Training Deaf Dogs?
Watch Stormi work with a pair of wonderful deaf dogs.

If you have or are thinking of adopting a deaf dog, don't miss Stormi's seminar on November 12th.

Dog Walker Academy
Congratulations to all!


Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Linda McVay and Andrea Stone, proud Certified Dog Walkers
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