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Daycare & Puppy Day Camp
Daycare for your dog or puppy
Daycare is the perfect solution for busy pet owners that want their dog to have a fun, stimulating day in a safe, caring environment. A typical day at Daycare consists of play, a short walk, nap time and more play. Minimum enrollment for Daycare is 2 days per week for 4 weeks, starting at $256. Your pup can start any time.

To be eligible for Daycare, your pal must be under 30lbs, current on vaccinations, clear of parasites and well socialized. Puppies entering Daycare should be expected to remain under 30lb in adulthood.
Daycare is not intended as remedial socialization for adolescent and adult dogs.
When:Tuesday - Friday, year round
What time:10:30am - 2:30pm
Puppy Day Camp, a unique service
In “Camp” we work on crate training, alone training, body handling, loose leash walking and casual heel, sit, down, stand, come when called, and socialization with other dogs as well as to all manner of humans – University Village is only a short walk away. The minimum enrollment for Camp is 2 days per week for four weeks; enrollment starts at $560.

Because the only person who can train your dog to respond to you is you, puppies must be enrolled in PreSchool to participate. Therefore we offer PreSchool at 20% off when you sign up for Camp at the same time. It is just as important for you to understand how to work with your puppy as it is for your puppy to learn the basics! "Campers" must be 14 weeks or younger to start.
When:Wednesday - Friday, year round
What time:10:30am - 2:30pm
What makes UCLA Dogs different?
In order to provide the highest quality care for your dog or puppy, our canine student body is limited to a maximum of 12 dogs and puppies. The folks caring for your best friend are certified, professional dog trainers educated in canine behavior. There is always at least one human per six dogs present. Individual attention is important to your dog's quality of care as well as safety. Play is highly monitored; we foster appropriate play amongst dogs to maximize their social skills when they are out and about in the world as well as matching playmates by style of play. Our training methods are based in teaching and rewarding dogs for what we do want, and removing the “pay off” for behavior we don’t want. We never use physical punishment.

We encourage you to come to one of our Monday Play Groups to see what we’re all about.

Do you work and would be unable to ferry your friend to Daycare of Camp? We offer pick-up/drop-off service in some areas!
Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Linda McVay and Andrea Stone, proud Certified Dog Walkers
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